APIC San Diego Chapter

San Diego & Imperial County Chapter

About APIC

The national organization of APIC is committed to advancing its mission of creating a safer world through prevention of infection.

Chapter Mission Statement

The mission of the APIC San Diego & Imperial County chapter is to improve patient care and safety through the implementation of infection prevention practices within the community it serves. APIC SD/IC advances its mission by influencing healthcare policy, promoting public awareness of healthcare associated infections and facilitating the growth, collaboration, development and competency of its members through quality education and CIC certification.

Chapter Membership

If you would like to join our chapter, click here and add the SD Chapter (#057, $20 extra) to the national APIC membership application. We host a monthly lunch meeting with a continuing education presentation, a chapter business discussion, a certification in infection control study session, and a great way to network with local Infection Preventionists and other industry partners.

Attending our monthly meetings does not require chapter or APIC membership. All are welcome to join!


The CIC® credential identifies healthcare professionals who have shown mastery in knowledge of infection prevention and control by sitting for and passing the certification exam. The CIC® shows a commitment to best practices in infection prevention and control and improved patient care and signals to your employer and colleagues that you are committed to your professional growth. For more information about certification, visit CBIC’s website at www.cbic.org

News & Announcements

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